The movie called: ”Wall-E” is about a robot that was supposed to be cloned and sent to clean earth,but humanity has left planet Earth and has left Wall-E with alot of garbage to clean, not knowing this, Wall-E made a home out of all the garbage he collected throughout the years, but although mankind has abandoned Earth, they decide to send a new robot named: ”Eve” to search for any signs of life on Earth either being plants or animals. Wall-E then finds Eve and decides that he wants to marry her, but Eve is not really interested in Wall-E, seeing that he is not really as technologically advanced as she is. He introduces her to his home but Eve decides it is about time she begins searching for any remaining living lifeforms on Earth, she then finds a small plant that Wall-E was keeping in his home. She scans it and then hibernates/shuts down. After hibernating/shutting down, Wall-E finds some ships that came to return her to the spaceship that now has humans in it. Wall-E then follows where Eve is going and all the humans seem to not care about him.

The captain of the ship which has a robotic advisor decides that it is about time they return to planet Earth, but his robotic advisor reminds him that he has to follow the rules which for some reason don’t allow the captain to return to Earth.

A group of humans along with Wall-E find a group of robots that are malfunctioning and is captured and thrown with them. Eve finds out about this and then decides that she will save him.

They then meetup with the captain and his robotic advisor, and fight the robotic advisor with the help of the captain to return to Earth


They all return to Earth and continue to live their lives alongside machines on Earth.